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Swim Class: No More Parent Tot

Swim Class: No More Parent Tot

We are missing swim class. Sanyu has really bad eczema that flairs up from the chlorine from the pool so we have to take a break to give her skin a rest. It’s pretty crazy. This was my last parent tot swimming class with Ali. […]

It’s Storytime

Sanyu started bilingual storytime and “regular,” storytime this week. I was excited to be going back to our regular routine. Sanyu had been attending storytime at our local library since she was six months old. This year they added a bilingual storytime at our library. […]

Sanyu on KTLA 5 for Diaper Derby

Sanyu on KTLA 5 for Diaper Derby

Snayu waiting to be featured on KTLA 5.
Sanyu having a diva moment before going on TV…. demanding the boobie!
Sanyu waiting to hit the stage for the Diaper Derby.

There is never a dull moment in my life with the hubby and our beautiful baby girl Sanyu. Last Friday Sanyu and I had the opportunity to be featured on KTLA 5 to compete in the Diaper Derby. We were on the show with other families to promote the Baby Expo & Kidz Expo in Orange County. Sanyu never left my side but she behaved and didn’t cry during the whole show (Thank God).  I think she’s ready to start breaking in to modeling. See video from the show below: (more…)

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Barack the Vote!

Sanyu and I spent election day driving people to the polls. Its never to early even at 8 months to start getting them evolved in the process. I am very thankful we are able to live in America and are able to be apart of […]

Sanyu’s First Halloween

For Sanyu’s first Halloween she slept most of the night. We dressed her up in a pink cat outfit. We decided to stay in our community and just take a walk around the neighborhood…. we also attended a church service during the stroll. Surprisingly I […]

Beach Baby


With the love of my live.... DIVA Sanyu.
With the love of my life…. DIVA Sanyu.

On Saturday, July 28, 2012 we decided to take our first trip to the beach. I was excited as I have not been to the beach yet this summer….also Sanyu has a super cute baby bikini. It would be a new adventure for Gerald as well since it would also be his first time at the beach in the United States. Here are some of my favor pictures from our mini adventure. The water was to cold for Sanyu and to salty for Gerald..LOL.

See more pictures below:


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Coming to America

Last week (Saturday July 21, 2012) I had the pleasure of picking up my wonderful husband Gerald Kalyesubula up from the airport. He finally received his visa after a very long journey. (Read the book for details.) I could write a post about how fantastic […]

Baby Bottle Used as Weapon of Mass Destruction

So a couple of weeks ago I brought Sanyu some glass baby bottles from BabiesRUS. I was excited as I looked everywhere for glass baby bottles. The reason why I wanted her to use the glass bottles is because they are BPA free. Yes there […]