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Memorial Day: Kite Flying

Memorial Day: Kite Flying

Yesterday I took the kids outside to fly kites. We started in our front yard which didn’t work that well. We decided to move over to the vacant land nearby. Sanyu started out saying she hated kites. Once we got the kites in the air the kids loved it. Sanyu even said she had a lot of fun once it was time to go in. I enjoyed it as well.

My sister came over and we flew the kites with the children and we talked about our childhood. We had kites when we were children but we don’t recall  them going up in the air.

I’m sure the children will be flying kites all summer long. I purchased ours from the 99 Cents Only Store but will probably have to upgrade. You can make one even cheaper than .99 with some string and a plastic bag!.

It was pretty relaxing being out there with the children… that was until I had to go running for my son Ali’s kite. He dropped his string at least five times. I was wearing flip flops and even had to put my Canon down to make a run for it.

Check out some of our pictures from yesterday below. You can click images to enlarge.


XOXO – Saharra

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1 thought on “Memorial Day: Kite Flying”

  • This is great! Outdoor activities are so beneficial to children, especially these days when it’s easier to “live online” . I’d love to have a kite flying day for http://www.spekktacular.com for adults. You made me realize I can take advantage of windy days, instead of being irritated every time they come around. I’ll be going to the 99 Cents Only Store to get my kite!!! 🙂

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