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I’m Excited About Story Time

I’m Excited About Story Time


Today I will be taking Ali to his first story time. Well, technically the story time is for Sanyu. She’s been going to story time since she was six months. This will be the second time we are attending story time at the library near my mother’s house. Since we moved into my parents house in February we haven’t been visiting the library that often.

The library isn’t right around the corner like it was before. We actually have to get in a car and drive there. My daughter got used to going to story time every day in our neighborhood. Sadly, this library only offers two story times a week.

Now that Sanyu will be taking more classes including ballet and now soccer I’m adding a visit to library as part of her regular schedule as well. I know she enjoys reading. If you come into our house, she will give you five books to read to her. I want to continue to take her to the library as well as read to her more often. I want her to continue to be passionate about reading. I just hope all my family members will stop running away when she brings them a book. LOL.

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