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It’s Storytime

Sanyu reading at the library.
Sanyu reading at the library.

Sanyu started bilingual storytime and “regular,” storytime this week. I was excited to be going back to our regular routine. Sanyu had been attending storytime at our local library since she was six months old. This year they added a bilingual storytime at our library. They had the activity at other libraries but just not the location near our house.

I decided I would take advantage of the bilingual story time. Gerald and I want Sanyu to be bilingual. You can read more about that here.

Attending storytime is a great opportunity for her to socialize and it’s free. She is still getting used to storytime. She usually runs straight to the computer when we get to the library. She sometimes shakes her head and dances a little while the librarian is reading but it’s from a distance. She slowly enters the room close to the period when the toys come out.

I’m hoping next week she will be more engaged in the storytime part of the activity.

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