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Month: November 2012

The Stubborn Stain App

People have always regarded their homes as a safe haven from all the hustle and bustle of life outside. Simple things like stubborn stains on their carpets are a source of headache in the lives of most people especially moms. They therefore try all they […]

Sanyu on KTLA 5 for Diaper Derby

Sanyu on KTLA 5 for Diaper Derby

There is never a dull moment in my life with the hubby and our beautiful baby girl Sanyu. Last Friday Sanyu and I had the opportunity to be featured on KTLA 5 to compete in the Diaper Derby. We were on the show with other […]

Barack the Vote!

I voted!

This is what a poll worker looks like.

Sanyu and I spent election day driving people to the polls. Its never to early even at 8 months to start getting them evolved in the process. I am very thankful we are able to live in America and are able to be apart of the election process and practice our rights. My mom Darleen and my sister Madinah (pictured above) served as poll workers during the election. My mother wrote an article for Say It Loud! on the Importance of Poll Workers. (more…)

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Sanyu’s First Halloween

For Sanyu’s first Halloween she slept most of the night. We dressed her up in a pink cat outfit. We decided to stay in our community and just take a walk around the neighborhood…. we also attended a church service during the stroll. Surprisingly I […]