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Month: October 2012

IKEA’s Soft Toys for Education Campaign

Education has been praised as the most potent key for development in Africa. Yet, at the heart of this continent, in the training of kids who are still in pre-school, there is little effort at practical education. If practical training is not enhanced, Africa is […]

Saturday Swinging with Sanyu

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Gerald’s artwork slideshow

Gerald’s Artwork Set #2 on PhotoPeach

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Review: Seventh Generation Diapers

We’ve tried many diapers for baby Sanyu. Huggies, Pampers, Honest. I even purchased one cloth diaper….but haven’t used it. I just don’t think I can put up with cleaning Sanyu’s diapers. So far Seventh Generations diapers are the ones that I like the most for […]

Gerald’s Artwork

Here are a few of Gerald’s new paintings. Look out on Tuesday for another post with many more great pieces. We will be selling the painting in the near future. If your interested you can email me at swhitejournalist (at) gmail (dot) com. Please follow […]

Simple Strawberry Smiles

Sanyu love’s strawberries and she love’s making a mess with them as well! I don’t care for the mess….but she looks so cute…and she is always happy when she eats them…until you try to take them away. Then there is a problem….a big one.

Mommy You Pick Out The Best Treats for Me

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