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Month: July 2012

Beach Baby

  On Saturday, July 28, 2012 we decided to take our first trip to the beach. I was excited as I have not been to the beach yet this summer….also Sanyu has a super cute baby bikini. It would be a new adventure for Gerald […]

Happy Birthday DADA :)

It was just great having Gerald home for his birthday. It was really a treat and is also a birthday gift for myself. For my hubby’s first birthday in the United States we headed to Hollywood. While in Hollywood we hung out near Hollywood & […]

Coming to America

Sanyu with her dada at the airport.
Sanyu with her dada at the airport.

Last week (Saturday July 21, 2012) I had the pleasure of picking up my wonderful husband Gerald Kalyesubula up from the airport. He finally received his visa after a very long journey. (Read the book for details.) I could write a post about how fantastic the week went….instead I rather share some pictures of the first couple of day with my fabulous family. As you know pictures are worth a thousand words! Thank you Miss. Reta for the wonderful breakfast….your awesome love!

Gerald & my dad "break-dancing."
Gerald & my dad “break-dancing.”

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Give Me The Boobie Mommie

I breastfeed my baby for three months straight. My mom lived close by. The first two months after I had Sanyu she was there to get her when she was hungry…she would bring her to my bed I would feed her and she would entertain […]


  My brother Elwood Nile Jihad Ja-Mes Edwards-White was shot and killed by an Oceanside officer on May 20, 2012. My family was not properly told of his passing by officials. His medical exam and the current police “investigation,” are sealed at this time. So […]

Baby Bottle Used as Weapon of Mass Destruction

So a couple of weeks ago I brought Sanyu some glass baby bottles from BabiesRUS. I was excited as I looked everywhere for glass baby bottles. The reason why I wanted her to use the glass bottles is because they are BPA free. Yes there are plastic bottles that are also BPA free….but just to be on the safe side I decided I wanted to buy glass baby bottles.

Last Friday I had to stop by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Courthouse. Before we even went inside the building there was a sign that read no glass bottles… I think great what am I going to do. Me and baby Sanyu were on foot as we would later be shopping for fabric in downtown L.A. We go through the ex-ray machine along with our belongings. I hear a sound but the guard isn’t even paying attention …or just doesn’t say anything. So I grab my “diaper” bag and keep on moving. (more…)

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