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Month: July 2011

The Love Game

Last Tuesday my hubby and I decided to join some friends for a night of fun. I was happy we came out but wasn’t in to dancing that much. The club had pool tables. Everyone would pay to play against each other. It was nice […]

The Flames are Burning! Part 2


Gerald cooking
Gerald Cooking in Uganda in 2009.











I was so tired I told that stove forget you! I made a plate of pasta and ate it the way that it was. In hopes that the fire would eventually start I decided to put the pot of veggies on the stove anyway. (more…)

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Betty Crocker of Africa

“Got me in the kitchen like my first names Betty” Earlier this year I decided I would cook a new meal every weekend. With my busy job I never really had time to cook during the week. I couldn’t wait for the weekend to start […]

The Flames are Burning! Part 1

      Yes the flames are burning. You might have your head in the gutter thinking I’m talking about the flames between me and my hubby. To some extent it does involve us, but the flames I’m talking about aren’t coming from the bedroom. […]