Winter 2014

Sanyu & ali

Sanyu & ali

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I’m Excited About Story Time


Today I will be taking Ali to his first story time. Well, technically the story time is for Sanyu. She’s been going to story time since she was six months. This will be the second time we are attending story time at the library near my mother’s house. Since we moved into my parents house in February we haven’t been visiting the library that often.

The library isn’t right around the corner like it was before. We actually have to get in a car and drive there. My daughter got used to going to story time every day in our neighborhood. Sadly, this library only offers two story times a week.

Now that Sanyu will be taking more classes including ballet and now soccer I’m adding a visit to library as part of her regular schedule as well. I know she enjoys reading. If you come into our house, she will give you five books to read to her. I want to continue to take her to the library as well as read to her more often. I want her to continue to be passionate about reading. I just hope all my family members will stop running away when she brings them a book. LOL.

I’m Back!

Picture of Sanyu, Ali and I on my 30th birthday.

Picture of Sanyu, Ali and I on my 30th birthday.

I know I’m bad. The last time I’ve posted on here was in October. So much has happened in my life since then. I found out I was pregnant in October. I moved out of my old house in February. My uncle died in April. I gave birth to my son in July. Turned 30 in August! End of the story right?

I’m just trying to give you guys the abbreviated story I will try to fill in the blanks over the next couple of weeks. I am determined to finish off the last quarter of 2014 with updating my blog on a regular. I have two kids now so cut me some slack if I miss a few days.

Tic Tac Toe

Every couple of days I stop in at several of my local thrift stores to find great deals and finds. I’ve decided to share a post or two on Tuesday and Thursday of my findings.

Some of the items I love buying at thrift stores are baby and children’s clothing. I love it because you can always find something that is unique that no one else will have. I also love that most thrift stores have clothing that is brand new with tags still attached.

On Monday I went in to a local thrift store and brought three items for $8.72. That is a little high for me since I usually can get more for 10 bucks than just three items.

I purchased:

Game Night Tic Ta Toe Drinking Game with 9 Shot Glasses $5.00 valued at $19.99 on Overstock. (

2 Euro Pillow Shams by Charter Club $2.00 valued at $80. I found different prices for the shams. I couldn’t find the exact pair I purchased.

African Gourd Shaker hand made in Kenya $1.00

See pictures below:

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It’s Storytime

Sanyu reading at the library.

Sanyu reading at the library.

Sanyu started bilingual storytime and “regular,” storytime this week. I was excited to be going back to our regular routine. Sanyu had been attending storytime at our local library since she was six months old. This year they added a bilingual storytime at our library. They had the activity at other libraries but just not the location near our house. Read the rest of this entry

Ballet Photoshoot

Sanyu is trying to escape the scene.

Sanyu is trying to escape the scene.

So I decided to do a Ballet photoshoot with Sanyu the night before her first dance class. Yes I know I should’ve done it during the day. I just didn’t have time. Here are the best pictures from the shoot. We will definitely be doing some more as she was not that into it.

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Fashion lovers everywhere want to stay on top of the latest trends or even develop their own style personalities. A tight budget often gets in the way or the selection at the mall just doesn’t cut it. Lovers of vintage and designer clothing both get quite a bit of fun out of shopping for clothing at a thrift store. If you have ever been to a thrift shop, you may have felt overwhelmed. The following post will help you catch those deals.

Tip #1: The worst mistake people often make is going into a thrift store and expecting to find that perfect black dress, or the most amazing vintage staple top. The reality is that a thrift store is a grab bag of thousands of different items. Don’t set your hopes on finding what you want, but be willing to keep an open mind. By glancing through the racks inside of the store, you may find other items you need, but wouldn’t have thought of.

Tip #2: Have a budget in mind. It is important that you enter a thrift store with a strict budget of how much you’re willing to spend. We can all agree that thrift stores are a great place to find clothing that popular retailers no longer carry. It is easy to get carried away in the novelty of shopping. Don’t overspend, but have a strict budget that you stick to no matter what. Read the rest of this entry

Celebrity mom, author and actress Tia Mowry who is also a newcomer to parenthood, introduced the InGenuity Washable Playard at the recent product launch event in New York. Mowry shared her interesting parenting experience and useful tips and tricks to maintain a conducive playing and resting environment for baby. Mowry’s presentation unveiled The InGenuity Washable Playard as a hassle free and easy to maintain solution to keep the baby’s play area clean. This imagination meets innovation product keeps mom and baby happy and carefree.

The InGenuity Washable Playard is a first in the market, innovative product which can be washed in a washing machine. It is made available in three versatile designs that match any home décor. You can choose from the Disney Baby THE LION KING, Sumner or Shiloh to set up a clean and attractive playard for your baby.

Tia Mowry and the InGenuity team demonstrated how easy it is to dismantle the fabrics from the structure of the InGenuity Washable Playard for a thorough wash. After washing, the fabrics can easily be put together to produce a germ free and clean play area for the baby. Other innovative accessories that come with the Washable Playard are a changing table with optimum height and Soothing Sounds Station which comes with three natural sounds and five beautiful melodies to calm and entertain the baby. For parents on the move, the playard can be folded quickly with the bassinet in place.

If you want to buy a worry free and trendy playard with smart solutions, the InGenuity Washable Playard is readily available in the baby retail stores near you. The LION KING Premier Washable Playard is available at Babies “R” Us. The Sumner fashion can be found at Buy Buy Buy. The Shiloh fashion will be available at Babies “R” Us in January 2013.

The Stubborn Stain App

People have always regarded their homes as a safe haven from all the hustle and bustle of life outside. Simple things like stubborn stains on their carpets are a source of headache in the lives of most people especially moms. They therefore try all they can to get rid of them. The most common stains are from, wine, mainly red, coffee, tomato sauce, chewing gum and mud to mention but a few.

Carpet stain removal has proven to be the most frustrating, tiring and disappointing household chore and most people would rather get it done professionally.

Thanks to the Shaw floors, carpet cleaning of stubborn stains has been made easier; with the help of the Carpet Stain Center app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. This app gives the carpet cleaner access to detailed and comprehensive stain removal tactics and tips to effectively get rid of these stubborn stains for fast and less frustrating results. Read the rest of this entry

Sanyu on KTLA 5 for Diaper Derby

Snayu waiting to be featured on KTLA 5.

Sanyu having a diva moment before going on TV…. demanding the boobie!

Sanyu waiting to hit the stage for the Diaper Derby.

There is never a dull moment in my life with the hubby and our beautiful baby girl Sanyu. Last Friday Sanyu and I had the opportunity to be featured on KTLA 5 to compete in the Diaper Derby. We were on the show with other families to promote the Baby Expo & Kidz Expo in Orange County. Sanyu never left my side but she behaved and didn’t cry during the whole show (Thank God).  I think she’s ready to start breaking in to modeling. See video from the show below: Read the rest of this entry